Capital Credit Checks Going Out to Members This Month

Members earn capital credits each year based on their patronage—the more electricity purchased, the higher the allocation of capital credits.

Each year, the Cooperative’s Board of Directors makes a decision on whether to retire old capital credits based on the financial health of the cooperative and provision of the by-laws. In the past 10 years, Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative has retired $5,700,000 to members, with $848,000 of that coming from 2020.

This year, Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors approved retiring $695,000 of capital credits for the remainder of 2005 and a portion of 2006; and from our wholesale energy provider, Great River Energy (GRE), a retirement of $153,000 of capital credits will be refunded to TWEC members who had patronage from 1985-1987.

A combined capital credit refund check will be mailed out to eligible members in mid-December.