Annual Meeting

As member-owners, all Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative members are invited to participate in the cooperative’s Annual Meeting. TWEC’s Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at the Maslowski Wellness & Research Center in Wadena. The Annual Meeting provides members with information about the cooperative’s growth, financial health, board election, and programs available to members. In addition to the annual meeting, which is officially required by our bylaws, there are many member appreciation events held throughout the year.

2023 Annual Meeting

The 2023 Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18th at the Maslowski Wellness & Research Center (17 5th St. Southwest, Wadena, MN). The Nominating Committee selected the following nominees whose names will appear on the ballot for terms expiring in 2026: Dale Adams*, Gene Kern*, Kristine Spadgenske*, Gary Kneisl, and Darrin Savoie. Click here to view the candidates’ profiles and videos.


2023 Director Candidate Voting Options

Cooperatives are democratic entities, owned by those they serve and governed by elected representatives. In order to underscore this important cooperative principle, we offer multiple ways to cast your vote. 

1) Vote by Mail or Drop Box

Election ballots are scheduled to be mailed to all Todd-Wadena members March 14th. The ballots will look like the sample below. The order of candidate names will be rotated among ballots. After marking your votes, you will be instructed to insert your completed ballot into a secret ballot envelope, and then to seal and place that envelope into a pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope to return by mail.

The return envelopes are pre-addressed to Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) in Eden Prairie where the ballots will be secured, scanned, and tallied. SBS is a professional election management company that oversees the balloting process for the cooperative. Ballots must be received by SBS by April 18th, 2023.

Additionally, members may drop off their ballot in the appropriate envelopes in the Co-op’s drop box by 9:00 a.m. on April 12th, 2023.


There are two envelopes to be returned with each ballot. One is the pre-addressed envelope to Survey & Ballot Systems, the other is the secret ballot envelope. It is very important that the ballot is first placed into the secret ballot envelope, and then that envelope is placed into the pre-addressed envelope to be mailed. If the ballots are not in a secret ballot envelope they cannot be counted as a valid vote.

2) Vote Online via DirectVote

There will be instructions with the ballots you receive in the mail on how you can vote online using DirectVote. You will not need a SmartHub account in order to vote this way. Once you’ve authenticated through the DirectVote page, follow the directions to cast your vote. Ballots must be cast by 9:00 a.m. on April 18th, 2023.

3) Vote Online via SmartHub

Beginning on March 14th, log into your SmartHub account and look for the “Vote Now” button in the upper right corner. Follow the instructions to finish casting your vote. You can also vote from your SmartHub mobile app!

4) Vote at the Annual Meeting

As always, there will be an opportunity to cast your vote at the Annual Meeting on April 18th. Votes cast at the Annual Meeting will be scanned and tallied on-site by SBS and added to the mailed and electronic ballot tally. 

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