Yard Light Rentals

The Cooperative rents 50-watt LED yard lights to members for a monthly fee. The light charge includes the rental of the light, plus all electricity used by the light. The Co-op will install the light at no cost to the member and will maintain/service the light for the member.* A rental light will be installed on the meter pole or transformer pole which is owned by the Cooperative.

The Cooperative does not install yard light rentals on member-owned poles. A member can purchase a light pole from the Cooperative, but will need to purchase their own light and contact his/her electrician to complete the wiring for their yard light.

* By signing the yard light rental agreement, the member agrees to rent a yard light from Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative for a minimum period of two years. Cancelling the agreement before the two-year period, will result in the member being billed the current monthly fee for the full two years.