Looking Back on 2023 // December 2023 CEO Column

Daniel Carlisle // President/CEO & General Counsel

As 2023 comes to an end, I would like to take some time and look back. We have been busy at the cooperative this past year – serving our members, maintaining infrastructure, serving our community, developing and maintaining programs, and so much more.

Here are a few of the 2023 accomplishments brought about as a result of the hard work and dedication of Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors and employees:

  •  The cooperative interconnected five solar projects to its distribution system, with three more to go this year.
  •  TWEC paid out $1,051,000 in capital credits to members. This includes $754,000 in capital credit retirements from 2008 from TWEC, and $297,000 credits from 1993-96 from our wholesale energy provider, Great River Energy.
  •  The operations crew built 99 new services – including overhead, underground, irrigation, and 3-phase.
  •  The operations crew efficiently and safely restored over 240 outages.
  •  Member and Energy Services paid out over $105,000 in member rebates (reimbursed by Great River Energy via the ECO Program).
  •  Member and Energy Services continued to grow and maintain TWEC’s load management programs. These programs offer money saving options to our members, while contributing to Great River Energy’s demand side management goals.
  •  TWEC’s Operation Round Up program donated over $35,000 to many deserving organizations in our communities in 2023.
  •  Cooperative employees donated more than 60 hours of personal time volunteering with organizations they are passionate about.
  •  TWEC hosted a successful annual meeting electing three directors to serve the cooperative for the next three years.