Construction Information

Building a new home or upgrading service? It is important to communicate with us while you are in the planning stages.

Members who are building any new construction, making upgrades to your home or business, or are an electrician needing a disconnect while you do work on a new build, contact us by filling out the New Construction/ Service Upgrade inquiry form or by calling (800) 321-8932.

1. Contact the office by calling at (800) 321-8932 or by filling out the New Construction/Service Upgrade inquiry form.
2. A representative from Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative will contact you to set up a meeting with our staking technician at your job site.
3. The staking technician will flag and measure proposed cable route and calculate construction costs based on the information gathered during the site visit.
4. If you are not already a Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative member, you will be asked to fill out a membership application.
5. The Cooperative will send out a construction packet for you to review, sign and return to Todd-Wadena. Depending on the construction project, it may include the construction agreement, right-of-way easement, and a wiring affidavit from your electrician. Members will also need to pay the aid-to-construction fee that is determined by the Cooperative.

Member-Owned Renewable Energy Systems

If you are interested in or planning to install your own renewable energy system, our NOVA Power Portal is the best place to get started. Browse interconnection information, status of projects, and learn more about installing your own renewable energy system.

Line Clearance Chart

Line Clearance Chart from Federated Rural Electric Insurance (PDF)