2024 Vegetation Management

By Tyler Fisher, Operations Manager

Vegetation management is vital to the safe and reliable operation of the electrical distribution system at Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative. 

What does this mean for property owners and our members? In order to deliver your electricity in the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way, we must work together to keep vegetation growing near power lines trimmed so as to minimize outages and maintain safe clearances. 

In 2024, Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative, along with Carr’s Tree Service, will be performing vegetation management in the Bertha, Hewitt, Verndale, and Wadena areas. Property owners in these areas were mailed a ‘Notice of Vegetation Management’ letter in early December 2023. A representative from the cooperative will be sent out to visually inspect overhead power lines and determine where and what type of vegetation management activity is required. Then, a crew from either Todd-Wadena or Carr’s Tree Service will be scheduled to complete the work.