Annual Meeting

As member-owners, all Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative members are invited to participate in the cooperative’s Annual Meeting. TWEC’s Annual Meeting is typically held in the month of April. The Annual Meeting provides members with information about the cooperative’s growth, financial health, board election, and programs available to members. In addition to the annual meeting, which is officially required by our bylaws, there are many member appreciation events held throughout the year.

2021 Annual Meeting

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s 2021 Annual Meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, April 20th at 5:30 p.m., via Zoom and local radio. Miles Kuschel and Tom Brichacek were re-elected for 3-year terms ending in 2024.

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative (TWEC) Bylaws are the rules by which the Cooperative is operated. The Bylaws and all amendments are adopted and approved by members at TWEC’s Annual Meeting. At various times, the membership has voted to amend the Bylaws to keep up with changes the Cooperative is experiencing. In 2021, the membership voted and passed three Bylaw provisions:
1. A Proposal that Adds a New Bylaw Provision to Restrict the Disclosure of Member’s Information.
2. A Proposal that Updates the Bylaw Provision Establishing the Timeline to be Nominated to the Directors Election Ballot.
3. A Proposal that Adds a New Bylaw Provision Establishing an Arbitration Mechanism for Dispute Resolution.

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