Rate Adjustment in Effect September 1st

As announced earlier this summer, the rate adjustment is now in effect as of September 1st and will be reflected on members’ October billing statements. The various factors contributing to the need for this change include, but are not limited to, wholesale power costs, long-term interest rates, increased construction needs, material costs, and other inflationary changes. The rate adjustment helps ensure Todd-Wadena has adequate revenue to cover costs and to position itself to provide members with safe, reliable, and affordable power into the future.

The adjustment to our General Service rate is listed below. For the rest of our rates, as well as a list of FAQs, visit www.toddwadena.coop/rate-adjustment.

Online Rate Calculator

We have released a tool that gives members an opportunity to see an estimate of their monthly bills over the course of the year under the new rates.

Simply visit ratecalc.toddwadena.coop to preview your bill with the new rates. After verifying your membership details, you will see a comparison of your 2022 bills and a simulation of how those bills would change with the new rates (based on your 2022 usage).