Electric Vehicles in Minnesota

Currently there are roughly 26,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on the road in MN. Minnesota (MnDot and Governor Walz administration) has a goal for 20% of vehicles on the road to be electric by 2030—an estimated 777,307 EVs. While our service territory as a whole can accommodate hundreds of EVs at this time, each individual distribution substation and circuit has its own unique set of limitations. As the number of EV services increase; and as we progress through our four-year construction work plan, TWEC’s engineer continually evaluates the available capacity and load limitations of our system to identify areas in need of upgrades to maintain reliability.

Incentivizing demand-reduction measures such as off-peak charging is a step we can take to decrease the effects of EV charging. Off-peak hours occur overnight when demand and cost for electricity is at its lowest, while on-peak hours occur when demand is at its highest. By enrolling in TWEC’s EV storage rate, not only will you receive a $500 rebate on a charger install, and save on charging costs with a lower electric rate, you will be doing your part to help us keep our system balanced. This will improve the resiliency of the grid because EVs won’t be charging at times when the grid could potentially be stressed.

EV Charging Corridors

Drive your EV with confidence throughout the state of Minnesota. Whether you are heading to Duluth, Rochester, the metro area, or over to Fargo, there are places to conveniently charge your vehicle—and more coming soon. The map below depicts existing charging corridors in blue and pink. Green corridors are in progress and will be installed by 2024.