2021 Annual Meeting Recap

The 2021 Annual Meeting took place virtually on April 20th and was broadcast live on Zoom via SmartHub and on the radio at 99.7 FM and 105.9 FM.

The directors, nominating chair, management, and CEO Dan Carlisle, acting as parliamentarian, were present in-person for the meeting.

Members attending via Zoom participated in polls approving the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes, the Official Notice of Meeting, and adjourning the meeting. Tony Hoff, marketing managerat Survey & Ballot Systems, reported via Zoom that 1,312 ballots were cast for the 2021 Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative election. He declared that the Cooperative reached a quorum with the number of ballots cast. In the Board of Directors election, Nominating Committee Chair Wally Wiese announced that the Nominating Committee met on January 21st, 2021 to approve nomiations for the Board of Directors election. Tony Hoff announced that incumbents Miles Kuschel and Tom Brichacek were re-elected for a three-year term. Tony Hoff also announced that the following three bylaw changes passed with majority vote:

  1. A proposal that adds a new bylaw provision to restrict the disclosure of member information.
  2. A proposal that updates the bylaw provision establishing the timeline to be nominated to the directors election ballot.
  3. A proposal that adds a new bylaw provision establishing an arbitration mechanism for dispute resolution.

In his Chairman’s report, Miles Kuschel spoke to the members about the Seven Cooperative Principles, the new headquarters, and highlights from 2020. Dan Carlisle, TWEC CEO, reported on the Cooperative’s stable financial status and highlights from the Member Services, and Operations Departments. Jon Brekke, of Great River Energy (GRE), pre-recorded a video for members of Todd-Wadena about the closing of Coal Creek Station, future resource mix plans, and reliability. Dan thanked GRE for their donation to the Cooperative’s Operation Round Up fund.

Miles Kuschel and Kallie Van De Venter, TWEC Communications Specialist, drew for prizes throughout the meeting.