Dual Fuel Program

Combine two heating sources to best fit your budget and tailor your energy investment to meet your heating needs. Todd-Wadena’s dual fuel program offers the option to incorporate a low-cost electric heat source with an alternate heating system.

In a dual fuel heating system, an electric heat source, such as baseboard heat, is used in conjunction with fuel oil, natural gas, propane or electric storage heat as the back-up heating system.

Dual fuel is a “controlled” electric heating program, which helps save money and conserve energy. When demand for electricity is high, the electric heat source is shut off, or controlled (up to a maximum of 400 hours per heating season) with a maximum continuous control time of 12 hours. During control periods, your home’s back-up heating system provides the heat you need.

Program requirements:
• Any electric heating system, combined with an established automatic alternate heat source (propane, natural gas, fuel oil), qualifies for the dual fuel rate.
• Todd-Wadena offers its members a low, off-peak heating rate of just 5.1¢ per kWh for dual fuel heating systems with automatic back-up. *$2 per month basic charge applies.
• The backup heat source must be able to heat your entire home or business.
• A member can add their cooling system to the dual fuel, load management program to receive a discounted rate.

Dual Heat Program Application

Dual Fuel Heating & Cooling Systems

Air Source Heat Pumps

Electric Rate: 5.1¢/kWh*
$2 per month basic charge

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) are a breath of fresh air! These units offer an environmentally friendly heating and cooling alternative, nearly all year long.

In heating mode, air source heat pumps transfer heat from outdoor air into your home, reducing your reliance on propane, fuel oil or other fuel sources. Air source heat pumps are up to 300 percent efficient down to an outdoor air temperature of 26° Fahrenheit (depends on SEER rated Heat Pump), offering an alternative for your spring and fall heating needs.

In cooling mode, air source heat pumps work like an air conditioner, transferring heat out of your home, keeping it cool and comfortable all summer long.

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative offers rebates for ASHP. Ducted ASHP must be installed by a Quality Installer to be eligible for rebate.

*Member must be enrolled in Dual Fuel Program to receive the 5.1¢/kWh electric rate.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Electric Rate: 5.1¢/kWh*
$2 per month basic charge

Heat and cool with one technology! Ground source heat pumps are stand-alone systems that provide whole-house heating and cooling, by utilizing heat present in the earth to heat your home.

A water-based solution circulates through pipes buried underground. When it reaches the heat pump, the collected energy is transferred to a low-pressure liquid refrigerant, which vaporizes. From the compressor, heat is released into your home as your heating needs require.

The refrigerant’s flow is reversed during the summer, carrying excess heat from your home to provide cool, efficient and comfortable climate control. The units can be as much as 300% efficient in the heating mode. A heat pump can completely replace your furnace and air conditioner.

Two types of ground source heat pumps:
• Closed loop systems: geo-pipe buried deep in the ground either in a slinky-type pattern or water-well type u-tubes with an environmentally safe anti-freeze solution which transfers heat or cold fluid through the system.
• Open loop systems: utilizes your existing well water to push fresh water through heat pump coils to either heat or cool your home.

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative offers rebates for Ground Source Heat Pump.

*Member must be enrolled in Dual Fuel Program to receive the 5.1¢/kWh electric rate.

Room Storage Heaters

Electric Rate: 5.1¢/kWh*
$2 per month basic charge

Keep every room warm and cozy with high quality room storage heaters, which charge for up to eight hours during off-peak periods which allows you to receive a very affordable rate that is about half off of the general service rate. The units release stored heat during on-peak hours each day.

The units offer individual room control and safe, clean, comfortable heat anywhere you need it. Storage heaters are practical for all types of buildings, including homes, cabins or businesses.
• Room storage heaters can be easily installed during new home construction or remodeling projects and easily retrofitted into existing homes or businesses.
• Room storage heaters use electric thermal storage (ETS) technology to convert electricity to heat.
• A quiet fan circulates heat from the bricks into the room when the thermostat calls for heat.
• Each room storage heater is individually controlled so you can adjust the temperature in each room. Room storage units are affordable and 100% efficient. Plus, they require no duct work and take advantage of Todd-Wadena’s low off-peak rates.

*Member must be enrolled in Dual Fuel Program to receive the 5.1¢/kWh electric rate.

Room storage heaters are available through local electricians. For a list of area dealers, visit www.heatforlessnow.com.

Slab Heat

Electric Rate: 5.1¢/kWh*
$2 per month basic charge

Enjoy cozy warm floors with slab heating, an energy-efficient heating option for your home, cabin business. Slab heating works from the ground up — literally! Heating components are installed below your concrete slab. Heat radiates from the floor, providing even heat wherever you need it. You’ll always have warm floors — and warm feet!
Todd-Wadena’s slab heating options include:
• Electric heating panels, mats or cables: Installed in soil or sand under a concrete slab building foundation. The ground underneath becomes efficient, large mass of thermal energy that is only released when the area above it becomes cool so there is no wasted energy.
• Boiler/hydronic heating, or in-floor water tubing. Water is heated electrically and circulates through flexible tubes installed in sand, soil or your concrete slab.
• Slab heat is adaptable for all floor coverings — vinyl, marble, tile, carpet, wood, a slab heating system works with your interior decorating plans.

*Member must be enrolled in Dual Fuel Program to receive the 5.1¢/kWh electric rate. Other slab heating methods qualify for the 4.3¢/kWh storage rate. Please contact the Cooperative for more information.