Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture Programs

There are many ways to save on your energy costs with our wide selection of programs, efficiency rebates and incentives.  Contact the office for guidance to assist you in making energy decisions that will improve your bottom line. 

Efficiency Programs


Rebates are available to members for the installation of energy efficient agricultural equipment.  Rebates include, but are not limited to ventilation, LED lighting, agricultural audit and robotic milking systems. 

Commercial Food Service

ENERGYSTAR commercial kitchen food service equipment is the most efficient option for your business. Rebates are available.

Electric Transportation

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative offers a rebate for businesses interested in purchasing an electric forklift for their operations. Businesses can also test an electric fork lift prior to buying one, please call the office for more information. The electric forklift and EV charger programs provide rebates to commercial members. 

Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling (HVAC)

Replacing a dated or unreliable system and upgrading to a higher efficiency model will provide immediate savings, lower maintenance costs, provide up-to-date, reliable equipment and provide more comfortable working conditions. Rebates are available. 


Lighting accounts for up to 40% of your energy bill.  Rebates are available for LED lighting retrofit projects. 

Motors and Drives

increase the efficiency of your electrical motors and save.  WE offer rebates to commercial members who install Variable Frequency Drives, Variable Speed Drives or retrofit existing small motors with high-efficiency Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM).  

Audits & Building Studies

Rebates and resources to help identify energy saving opportunities.  Including but not limited to energy audits, energy design assistance, building certifications, in-depth commissioning of equipment and compressed air studies.

Renewable Energy

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative offers the Wellspring Wind and Solar Energy programs which provides businesses with an easy, affordable and meaningful way to support renewable energy efforts. Click here for more information.

Load Management

Interruptible Programs- Curtail energy use, or add a generator, commercial, industrial, and agriculture accounts can benefit from reduced electrical rates year-round.
Off-Peak Program- Help your business save money in two ways; first, participating members receive an incentive such as a lower electricity rate or bill credit, second these programs help control wholesale power costs. 


We are committed to helping businesses expand and grow through the Improve-It Loan program or Economic Development Loans program.