Tree Planting 101

We know you like trees on your property and we do too. However, knowing where to plant them makes a huge difference. Todd-Wadena owns and maintains over 1,800 miles of overhead power lines, and trees are the number one cause of power outages on our system. It is important to look up before you start planting and familiarize yourself with the location of any overhead utility lines. Follow these tree planting guidelines to ensure they do not become a hazard in the future. 

Todd-Wadena has a vegetation management policy to mitigate vegetation and tree growth around our lines. This is important to maintain so we can continue to provide your homes and businesses with reliable energy when you need it.

Tree Planting Zones

Before you plant, consider location. More than half of all power outages are caused by trees or limbs touching or falling on power lines. Trees that grow into power lines can create a safety hazard for children climbing them, individuals trimming them, or crews working on electrical lines. When selecting a tree to plant, consider its size at maturity.

Low Tree Zone
Please avoid planting within 25 feet of power lines. Plant low trees (under 25′ when mature) at least 25 feet away from power lines.

Medium Tree Zone
Plant medium trees (25’–40′ when mature) at least 40 feet away from power lines.

Large Tree Zone
Plant large trees (over 40′ when mature) at least 60 feet away from power lines.