Notice: High Chance of Increased Load Control This Winter

1) Check Your Back-up System Fuel Supply

Members of Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative (TWEC) who are on the dual fuel load management program are encouraged to make sure they have adequate supplies of their secondary fuel source this winter

TWEC’s power supplier, Great River Energy, has notified its member cooperatives that there could be increased control hours this winter due to high prices in the natural gas and electricity markets.

As a reminder, the primary heating systems of participants can be controlled up to 12 hours per day and up to 400 hours per heating season. Control occurs on days of high electrical demand, high wholesale energy prices, and/or system emergencies. 

Morning and evening control is expected. If you are on our dual fuel program, please ensure your back-up system has sufficent fuel for the winter months. If you have any questions, please contact TWEC’s office.

2) Sign Up for Dual Fuel Load Control Notifications

Members who participate in our dual fuel load management program can receive a notification of control events! To manage or receive notifications from Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative, you will need a SmartHub account.

SmartHub Instructions:

Sign in (or sign up) at If you haven’t previously added a contact for notifications, you will need to start at Step 1 below, otherwise you may go directly to Step 2 to enable Dual Heat Control notifications.

1) Add Contacts: Click Notifications in the navigation menu, then select Manage Contacts. Add an email contact and/or a phone contact.Follow directions and enter verification code where appropriate. 

2) Set Up Notifications: Click Notifications again, and select Manage Notifications. Select Reports, then choose Dual Heat Control. Click Options and select the contact(s) you wish to receive load control notifications.

3) Visit for Current Load Control Status