May Storms Cause Widespread Outages

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative crews worked tirelessly to restore power to our members affected by the damaging storms that swept through our region this May.

On May 12th, a storm knocked out power for approximately 4,000 members. Thirty-two poles were broken throughout our service territory. We had incidents of barn roofs blowing through our electric lines and completely wiping them out. Multiple trees fell on our lines; but thankfully, the cooperative’s proactive vegetation management program prevented a much worse situation. After a storm of this severity, several weeks of clean up and pole straightening are necessary before everything is back to normal.

We are thankful for our linemen who worked day and night from the evening of the storm on Thursday until all power was restored Saturday night around 10 p.m. 

Just a couple weeks later, on May 30th, another storm caused extensive damage to our system. The damage was widespread, but specifically impacted the Eagle Bend area. Todd-Wadena had 20 poles down with this storm, including lots of tree damage. On Monday the 30th, the cooperative started with 2,100 members out of power. Thankfully, crews had everyone back up and running by midnight Tuesday. 

Todd-Wadena would like to express its appreciation to the Itasca-Mantrap, Beltrami, Legacy, and Roseau cooperatives for sending lineworkers to help us with our power restoration efforts.

When storms hit, be assured our entire team at Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative is working hard to restore power as quickly as possible. We appreciate our members and the community for their patience during the recent storms. Restaurants helped feed employees and members brought in gift cards to say “thank you.” It is amazing how people pull together when we face challenging situations. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve you!