Looking for Members to Participate in Smart Water Heater Controller Pilot Program

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative is looking for members interested in participating in the Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controller pilot program—and it could be you! This pilot program allows Todd-Wadena to test Wi-Fi load management, a technology to better help us serve you.

Picture of Aquantas unit installed on water heater.

The Aquanta Water Heater Controller works with your existing electric water heater to bring it out of the basement or utility room and puts it into the palm of your hand! You can control and adjust your water heater through an app—it only heats water when you need it!

By monitoring and managing your water heater usage, Aquanta offers cost savings and intelligent controls all through your mobile device! The Aquanta controller connects to your Wi-Fi and is all managed through the app.

If you are interested in participating in Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s Aquanta Smart Water Heater Controller Pilot, please contact Allison at (218) 631-3120 or at mbrservices@toddwadena.coop to see if you are eligible. You must be enrolled in a water heater control program to participate.

A Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative Energy Management Technician will need to access your water heater to install the Aquanta controller and associated sensors.

Save money and avoid maintenance headaches. Convenient status and control from your smartphone. Match your water heating to your schedule.