Electric Thermal Storage Program

Todd-Wadena’s electric thermal storage (ETS) heating program uses technology that converts electricity to heat during low-cost, off-peak hours.

Central Storage Furnace

Electric rate: 4.3¢/kWh
$2.00/month basic charge applies

Central storage furnaces use electric thermal storage (ETS) technology that converts electricity to heat during low-cost off-peak hours and stores the heat in specially designed, high-density bricks, which provide enough heat from storage to heat your home or business during the 16-hour on-peak portion of the day (this rate is more than half off of the general service rate).

• Heat is distributed through forced air or hot water systems.
• A sensor monitors outdoor temperature to determine how much heat must be stored in the bricks to adequately heat your home.
• A central storage furnace can serve as your sole heating source, or can be used to supplement heat pump systems.
Plus, it’s safe and clean. No chimneys, no flues, no backdrafts. No carbon monoxide.

Central storage furnaces are available through local electricians. For a list of area dealers, visit www.heatforlessnow.com.

Slab Heat

Electric Rate: 4.3¢/kWh
$2 per month basic charge

Enjoy cozy warm floors with slab heating, an energy-efficient heating option for your home, cabin business. Slab heating works from the ground up — literally! Heating components are installed below your concrete slab. Heat radiates from the floor, providing even heat wherever you need it. You’ll always have warm floors — and warm feet!

Todd-Wadena’s slab heating options include:
• Electric heating panels, mats or cables: Installed in soil or sand under a concrete slab building foundation. The ground underneath becomes efficient, large mass of thermal energy that is only released when the area above it becomes cool so there is no wasted energy.
• Boiler/hydronic heating, or in-floor water tubing. Water is heated electrically and circulates through flexible tubes installed in sand, soil or your concrete slab.
• Slab heat is adaptable for all floor coverings — vinyl, marble, tile, carpet, wood, a slab heating system works with your interior decorating plans.
• Slab heating that is installed under the concrete with a significant sand layer to create a heat sink, qualifies for the 4.3¢/kWh storage rate. The storage rate is controlled daily for 16 hours per day, October- April.

Other slab heating methods qualify for the 5.1¢/kWh dual fuel rate. Please contact the Cooperative for more information.