‘War of the Currents’ visits Eagle Valley Elementary

Students from Eagle Valley Elementary school in Clarissa were treated to a fast and fun traveling exhibit presented by The Bakken Museum, “The War of the Currents—the Fight for Electrical Future”, on April 18.  The assembly was provided courtesy ofWar of the Currents Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s wholesale power supplier, Great River Energy.

Eagle Valley students learned about electrical generation, transmission, and conservation through the story of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, and their historic debate over Alternating Current (AC) versus Direct Current (DC), told in an engaging, fun, and interactive way.  This presentation empowered students to think about how they can help solve the energy challenges we face today.

For a full photo gallery, check out our facebook page:  www.facebook.com/ToddWadenaElectricCooperative.

For more information about The Bakken Museum, and to host a presentation at your school, go to www.thebakken.org.

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