Vegetation Management

By Robin Doege (President/CEO)

Our mission at Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative (TWEC) is to “responsibly deliver energy to our members”. That means we are committed to delivering reliable, safe,ROW maintenance and affordable electricity to your homes and businesses. At TWEC we take service reliability very seriously. We have established goals and measures for the number of service interruptions and the duration of those service interruptions experienced by you, the members of TWEC.

Tree-related outages are some of the most common reasons we experience service interruptions on our system. Managing the growth of trees and vegetation around TWEC’s power lines is both a continuous and cost-intensive task.

In order to maximize our resources and effectively manage the trees and vegetation near our power lines, we utilize the expertise of a contract system arborist from ACRT Corporation. Our system arborist helps us plan for and measure our cooperative’s vegetation management results.

Here is a summary of our vegetation management work in 2015:

  • Trimmed approximately 25 miles of power line right-of-way
  • Completed 269 service orders, most often member requests for yard trees near our power lines
  • Power mowed more than 40 miles of power line right-of-way
  • Sprayed nearly 50 miles of emergent vegetation in areas where we trimmed and mowed
  • Tested new equipment, a Kwik Trim, that dramatically speeds the process of side trimming trees

We will keep working to improve our vegetation management processes so that we continue our mission to responsibly deliver energy to our members!

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