TWEC Headquarters Facility

TWEC Headquarters

Todd-Wadena Electric Headquarters in Wadena.

By Robin Doege


Managing facilities-poles, wires and equipment-is an ongoing responsibility for TWEC. Properly maintaining TWEC’s headquarters building is also part of our asset planning. Much of our current facility was built in the early 1950’s. Like most aging properties, maintenance and upkeep for our headquarters building becomes more challenging as time goes on.
We have been steadily improving our current site by completing projects like removing old underground fuel tanks and the dismantling of an old radio tower. We have also attempted to stem the flooding of our lower level by building an earthen levy. Flooding has been curtailed, but not eliminated for our lower level.
In 2013 our TWEC facilities committee was formed to address the growing problems with our headquarters facility. The committee is determining what makes sense to repair, or redesign and rebuild. The TWEC staff and directors will again be addressing existing problems like lack of ventilation, an aged heating and cooling system and developing efficient office space.
TWEC has conducted a preliminary review to upgrade our existing facility. We have also created a preliminary plan for a potential replacement headquarters facility. The TWEC board of directors and staff will be discussing headquarters facility options over the next few months as we develop our budget for 2017, and beyond.
Discussing the use of member resources for office space is never an easy conversation, and it is taken very seriously by the TWEC board and staff. We will keep you posted in future months on the outcomes of our headquarters facility discussions.

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