TWEC helps hang FFA Barn Quilts

Giving back to the communities we serve is something Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative takes great pride in. So when we were asked to assist in hanging a couple of barn quilts, we were quick to say yes.2002-12-31-23-00-00-2
Linemen Daryl Mattson and Brady Erickson took time out of their busy schedule and used their TWEC bucket truck to help the Staples-Motley FFA hang a pair of barn quilts south of Staples.
The “Cactus Blossom” quilt was put up at Marty and Mary Raddatz’s Carmel Apple Orchard (top photo), with the “Mexican Star” quilt going on the 100-year old barn at the farm owned by Joe and Judy Marte.
They join other quilts in the area, creating a new ‘Central Minnesota Barn Quilt Trail’.
Helping with the project from the Staples-Motley FFA were Zach Strickland, Molly Lindgren, and Kerry Lindgren, as well as Lisa Kajer, a member of Barn Quilts of Central Minnesota. img_3927
The project was made possible by a grant from the Staples Motley Community Foundation and the quilts were made by the Staples Motley FFA and members of Barn Quilts of Central Minnesota. Their goal is to provide an outside visual art experience as well as interest tourists to visit our area of the state.
The closest other barn quilt trail is 120 miles away. They hope their trail will soon be added to the American Barn Quilt Trail.
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