Simple Tips for Teaching Kids Ways to Conserve Energy

Identify things that rarely get used but stay plugged in. Then, fix the situation. Have this be an activity for your children. Have them take inventory of the house. They can identify what is plugged in, what gets used and how often, and if it should be unplugged.

Screen Free Time– Limit screen-time or eliminate screen-time during the school week.2016_10_ds_energyexplorers_energyvampireactivity
Cozy Comfort– Lower your thermostat during the winter and encourage children to build forts, cuddle up for family time, and put on extra clothes to keep warm.

Light Police– Make your kiddo the light police, complete with a police costume. Give your kid the job to turn out all the lights. Your kids will love running through the house finding ways they can help conserve energy.

Night Night Power– Make conserving energy part of your bedtime routine. Your child can walk around the house and say goodnight to everything while you turn off the smart surge protectors.

Draft Snake– Use old socks to make an awesome draft snake that you can place in front of doors and windows to help cut down on any energy loss.

Energy Lessons– After installing solar panels or a smart thermostat, you can use the charts and comparisons of before and after to teach science and math.

Kid Powered Dinner– One night a week, have your kids help you create a meal with no electricity. We love salad, but I am sure you could get creative.

Toothy Tunes– Encourage children to turn of the faucet while they brush their hands by playing their favorite song while they brush at a whisper volume. They will HAVE to turn the water off to hear their favorite tune while they brush.

Energy Treasure Hunt– Have children put on their detective suits and go hunting for energy wasters like cords still plugged in, faucets dripping, electronics left on.
Teaching children ways to conserve energy doesn’t have to be hard. With the new Direct Energy Smart Thermostat, you can teach children the value of conserving energy while upgrading your home with some of the coolest smart technology out there.


  1. Great tips! I love the idea of the nighttime routine of saying goodnight to everything and turning it off. What a great way to teach responsible energy consumption.

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