Storm Safety

Downed poles & line

Alw20150714_120417_resizedays assume downed power lines are “live.” Stay away and keep others away. Do not attempt to remove anything in contact with a downed power line or drive across a downed power line. If you are inside a car in contact with a downed power line, stay inside the car and use your cell phone to call for help. If someone is shocked by contact with a downed line, call 911 immediately and do not touch the person.

Use of Generators

  • Standby generators help reduce the inconvenience of a long power outage, but if not properly installed, standby generators can also present significant safety risks.

Proper Installation

  • To ensure proper installation and electrical code compliance, contact a qualified electrician.
  • You must install a double-throw disconnect switch on a generator connected to your main fuse panel or large enough to power your entire home to isolate your temporary power source from the main power lines that carry power to your home.
  • Double-throw disconnect switches must be sized according to the rating of your service entrance equipment

Improper Installation Dangers

  • Without a double-throw disconnect switch, you may feed a 120-volt current of electricity back into the transformer serving your home. The transformer steps the current up to 7,200 volts. If someone, such as a lineworker or neighbor, contacts a line connected to the transformer, they risk receiving a lethal shock.
  • When Todd-Wadena restores power, a generator installed without a double-throw disconnect switch will almost certainly be damaged.


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