Out with the old, in with the new

Old Sebeka Sub 1

Piece by piece, the old substation came down.

Old Sebeka Sub 2

Lineworkers took apart the old substation in June.

By Robin Doege (President/CEO)

Reliable, safe, cost effective. These are Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s goals when building or maintaining our electric distribution system. TWEC substations are an important part of our system, and we use these same considerations when updating any of our 14 substations.
TWEC’s original Sebeka substation was built in the 1940’s. The substation was nearly loaded to capacity in the winter months and the substation transformers, and other substation equipment, were showing early signs of failure. As the saying goes “nothing lasts forever”!
With this in mind TWEC planned for a new Sebeka substation in our 2016

New Sebeka Sub 1

The new Sebeka Substation is 1-mile west of the old substation.

construction and maintenance work plan. After careful analysis and planning it was determined that the best location for the new Sebeka substation was 1-mile west of the old substation site.
The old location, adjacent to Wadena County Highway 23, had exposure to vehicle traffic which presented a risk for damage and potential power outages.
The new location significantly eliminates exposure to traffic and vehicles. The old location was not optimal for switching and “splitting” load between this substation and other TWEC substations. New Sebeka Sub 2The new location is better for switching and balancing TWEC electrical loads.
In the future, TWEC’s power supplier Great River Energy, will be building a new transmission line to the Sebeka substation. Moving to the new substation location represents a cost savings to GRE when they construct this new transmission line. TWEC is a part owner of Great River Energy.
By continuing to invest in your cooperative, TWEC is working hard to provide you reliable, safe, cost effective electricity.

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