Safety tips for when the power goes out

When the lights go out, Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative (TWEC) crews are hard at work finding ways to restore power for their members.GRE_Be Safe_Power Lines Summer 2016_Color

“Their first priority is always safety,” said Kallie Van De Venter, Communications Specialist for TWEC. “Crews give immediate attention to dangerous situations, such as power lines down on roadways or streets. Typically local police or fire station personnel are called to secure the area until our crews can restore power to the area. Sometimes tree crews must clear tree branches or limbs from the area before repairs can be made.”

TWEC crews work with employees from Great River Energy, our wholesale electric supplier, to restore power quickly and safely.

While they’re working to restore your power, consider the five following tips:

  1. Stay away from downed power lines.
  2. Treat all power lines as though they’re energized.
  3. If you run over a downed power line, stay in your vehicle and call 911.
  4. If you use a backup generator, follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for safe operation.
  5. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to maintain a cool temperature.

“We want all of our members to be safe during an outage, which involves taking time to ensure you know how to use your backup generator and avoid downs power lines,” Van De Venter said.

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