Save money this summer with a PowerNap!







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Air conditioning used wisely can keep you cool without breaking the bank.

If you enroll in the program by July 31, you will receive a $100 rebate to offset the cost of the contractor’s work. Joining the PowerNap program requires some electrical wiring by a qualified electrician.

On hot days, Todd-Wadena’s PowerNap® program uses a receiver to cycle electricity off for about 15 of every 30 minutes. The systems can be controlled up to six hours per day for no more than 200 hours per cooling season.

This practice reduces the peak use of electricity at times when electricity prices are highest, which helps control power costs for everyone – without causing significant temperature fluctuations.

For details and to enroll, call the Todd-Wadena office at 218-631-3120 or 800-321-8932.

NOTE: Central air systems already under off-peak control are not eligible for this offer.


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