Power Plant Tour



Dragline at Falkirk Mine adjacent to Coal Creek Station power plant.

Todd-Wadena has been taking members to see the power plant facilities in central North Dakota since Coal Creek Station was built in the late 1970s. Coal Creek Station provides about 85 percent of our wholesale electric power. The flagship plant is owned by Todd-Wadena and 27 other electric cooperatives that form Great River Energy. The tour includes a close-up view of the expansive, open-pit coal mines and the huge draglines that uncover the coal and the equipment that mines it.

2018 Tour Itinerary

The 2018 power plant tour is scheduled July 24th–26th, 2018. Members will see the largest power plant in North Dakota, Coal Creek Station, and learn why this plant is vitally important to Great River Energy’s, and Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s, needs. The tour will also include trips to the Falkirk Mine, Garrison Dam, and the North Dakota Heritage Center.

The cost

Fees to members to join the power plant trip are about half of the actual cost. Members will pay $150 for double occupancy room and $175 per member for a single. That fee includes charter bus transportation, 2 nights’ lodging, breakfast both days, one lunch and one evening meal. Please contact the office for rates for children under the age of 18. (Rates for non-members are $300 double occupancy/$350 single occupancy.)

How to sign up

Call our office at (218) 631-3120 or (800) 321-8932 to ask questions or to sign up for the next tour. Please provide the names of the members who plan to attend, the mailing address and phone number where the member(s) can be reached.