Renewable Energy

Wellspring® Renewable Wind Energy

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative cares about maintaining a healthy environment for our generation and those to come. Our power supplier Great River Energy is constantly looking for ways to bring you a variety of clean energy options, such as our Wellspring® Renewable Wind Energy program.

Distributed Generation

Before you purchase a renewable energy system you should read our Cogeneration Rules, Interconnection Policy and the Minnesota Interconnection Process & Technical Requirements guidelines all located below. Your system can not be connected to the grid until it passes state inspection and interconnection is approved by Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative. Failure to contact us from the beginning could lead to unexpected costs and delays in interconnection.

Generation Interconnection Application

Interconnection Process for Distributed Generation Systems

Distributed Generation Interconnection Requirements

Cogeneration and Small Power Production Rate Schedule

Cogeneration and Small Power Production Contract

Adopted Cogeneration Policy

Adopted Cogeneration Rules