Money-Saving Programs

WaterHeater2_MarathonTodd-Wadena offers programs and incentives to help you save energy and money. All of these programs promote the use of electricity during off-peak hours, when its cost is less.

Off-Peak Water Heating

EnergyWise water heating is one of the easiest ways to start saving money.

To join the program:
1. First, contact the cooperative office at 218-631-3120 or 800-321-8932 to inquire about the availability and member discounted price of the Marathon 85 or 100-gallon electric water heaters.

2. If the Marathon tank is not an option, purchase (2) 50-gallon electric water heaters, or a single 85-gallon electric tank to participate in the program at any retailer and retain your receipt. (Submit receipt(s) for a $450 rebate).

3. Hire an electrician to properly wire the water heaters and receiver. The receiver is provided by the cooperative.

4. Once properly installed, and wired to radio receiver, notify the cooperative to complete the program.

After five years on the program, you will receive monthly credits of $8 per month on your electric bill, as long as you remain on the program. (Members who switch from gas to electric or those undergoing new construction will begin receiving the credits after just 3 years.) To qualify for the credits, your main meter usage for the month must  be 500 kWhs or more.

Off-Peak Space Heating 

  • Heat Pumps
  • Central Storage Furnace
  • Room Storage Heaters
  • Dual Fuel
  • Slab Heat

Heat Pumps may be the most efficient heating AND cooling systems available. That’s because they take the heat energy that is present in the air or in the earth and simply move it indoors. In the summer, they work in reverse, moving the warm air out of your home, keeping it cool and comfortable all summer long.

Air source heat pumps work by  transferring heat from outdoor air into you home. They are up to 300 percent efficient down to an outdoor air temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit, offering an alternative for your spring and fall heating.

Air-Source heat pump rebates:

SEER 14.5          $480

SEER 15             $580

SEER 16             $630


Todd-Wadena offers a rebate for ductless Air-Source heat pumps. Receive a rebate of $300 (if delivered fuels is primary heating source) or $500 (if electric is primary heating source) for installing a ductless Air-Source heat pump.

* To qualify for a rebate, your installer must be a quality installer. *

Ground source heat pumps circulate a water-based solution through pipes buried underground to heat or cool your home. A ground source heat pump can completely replace your furnace and air conditioner. Todd-Wadena offers its members a rebate of $400 per ton for installing a Energy Star-rated Ground Source heat pump.   

Best of all, your electric heating and cooling rate could be 5.1¢ per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Central Storage Furnaces use thermal storage technology that converts electricity to heat during low-cost off-peak hours and stores the heat in specially designed, high-density bricks that provide enough heat from storage to heat your home or business during the 16-hour on-peak portion of the day. Central storage furnaces are purchased through local electricians. Find a dealer in your area here.

Heat is distributed through forced air or hot water systems. A sensor monitors outdoor temperature to determine how much heat must be stored in the bricks to adequately heat your home. A storage furnace can serve as your sole heating source, or can be used as a supplement. It offers an industry leading five-year warranty for both parts and services. Plus, it’s safe and clean. No chimneys, no flues, no back drafts, no carbon monoxide.

Todd-Wadena offers its members $50 per kW (up to 10 kW) for installing electric storage heating systems. AND, your electricity rate is just 4.3¢ per kWh for the system – that’s less than half the regular electricity rate.
Rebate form not required.

Room Storage Heaters are affordable and 100% efficient. Plus, they offer individual room control and require no duct work. They are housed in a sleek cabinet in a neutral color, to complement any decor. Room units are purchased through local electricians. Find a dealer in your area here.

Room storage heaters charge up for up to eight hours during off-peak periods. They store heat in specially designed bricks capable of heating heat for extended periods of time. This stored heat is circulated evenly and quietly by a fan in the unit as the room thermostat calls for heat.

Todd-Wadena offers its members $35 per kW (up to 10kW) for installing storage electric heating systems . AND, your electricity rate is just 5.1 or 5.6 cents per kWh, depending on which off-peak plan you choose.
Rebate form not required.

Dual Fuel systems combine two heating sources to incorporate a low-cost electric heat source with fuel oil, natural gas, propane, or electric storage as the backup heating system. When demand for electricity is high, the electric heat source is shut off  for a maximum control time of 12 hours – and up to a maximum of 400 hours per heating season. You heat with clean, quiet electricity most of the time, and during control periods, your backup heating system provides the heat you need. Plenum heaters work well for this type of system because they are installed with your gas or oil furnace. Installing a plenum heater (minimum 10KW)according to Todd-Wadena’s program requirements and you may receive a $500 rebate!* Call the office for details and requirements.

Todd-Wadena offers its members a low off-peak heating rate of just 5.1¢ per kWh for dual fuel heating systems with automatic back-up.

* New dual heat program enrollment only.

Dual Heat Program Application

Underfloor Heating works from the ground up! Heating components are installed below your concrete slab. Heat radiates from the floor, providing even heat wherever you need it. You’ll always have warm floors – and warm feet!

Slab heating options include electric heating panels, mats or cables. Or, you may choose in floor water tubing, through which warm water is circulated. Slab heat is adaptable for all floor coverings: vinyl, marble, tile, carpet or wood.

Todd-Wadena offers its members $50 per kW (up to 10kW) for installing electric storage in-floor heating systems; $35 per kW for non-storage systems. Your electricity rate is just 4.3 or 5.1 cents per kWh, depending on which off-peak plan you choose.
Rebate form not required.


Todd-Wadena strongly recommends that members consider installing a heat pump to accommodate efficient heating AND cooling. If it’s just air conditioning you need, we recommend that you purchase a central or window unit that is rated with the Energy Star label for efficiency. Central A/C units may be eligible for the dual fuel rate. If you are currently enrolled in the dual fuel program, call for details.

AC Tune-up Form
Tune up your central air conditioner or heat pump and get a $25 rebate, using this AC Tune-up Form.