Vegetation Management

A mission for safety and reliability

An essential part of providing safe, reliable service at a reasonable cost is the establishment and maintenance of a clear power line corridor.Trees contacting power lines is a  primary cause of power outages. When tree limbs grow too close to power lines they can cause damage or interrupt your service.

They may also create a hazard to you or your neighbors. Especially during damp weather, electrical shock can occur when a person touches a tree that is in contact with a live wire. An unsuspecting child climbing a tree could come in contact with the wires or branches touching the wires, resulting in severe injury or death. Trees in contact with wires have also caused wild fires.

A clear corridor also allows safe access for line personnel and equipment needed to restore power after a storm and for routine maintenance.TreeZones-1024x968

TWEC’s tree trimming policy is: primary lines (other than those in yards) will be maintained a minimum of 20 feet horizontal clearance on each side of the pole line from the ground up. Overhead primary lines located in members’ yards are maintained 10 feet minimum horizontal right-of-way on each side of the pole line. On three-phase power lines located in members’ yards, the right-of-way must be maintained 10 feet from outside lines and 10 feet below the neutral line.

Tree trimmers that work within this distance are required to have special training to ensure their safety and that of others within close proximity.

If you have a tree that is close to power lines call us. We will be happy to come out and look at the situation and if necessary, do any pruning – at no charge.

You can help us avoid the expense of tree-trimming!

Avoid planting trees where they will grown into power lines. Call or email our office for a free copy of ‘The Right Tree’, a booklet that helps you determine the right tree for the right place.

Click here for details about our tree-trimming practices.

Click here for U.S. Forest Service’s Tree Owner’s Manual.