Looking to the Future of Electric Vehicles

Your Board of Directors is constantly looking at ways to help bring more revenue into Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative in order to keep our rates low. One exciting, cost-saving technology that is finally gaining traction is electric vehicles (EVs). While it may take some time before we see a lot of EVs around Todd-Wadena’s service area, it is worth noting how people also thought that about electric water heaters – and look where we are now. New technology is making today’s EVs some of the safest, quietest, and fastest vehicles on the road today.

National Drive Electric Week just wrapped up with ‘Ride and Drive’ events all across the country, including an event at our very our Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative Headquarters during the Member Appreciation Breakfast. Having the privilege of serving the membership, I am constantly looking for ways to make our Co-op relevant today and into the future. Younger generations were not fortunate enough to see the lights come on, so for them the Co-op may just seem like an electric provider instead of a member investment that pays dividends and invests in the community for the future.

One of the ways we can connect with this younger generation is through electric vehicles. Being an EV driver myself, I am proving the technology is here today to make EVs not only a commuter vehicle but viable for long distance road trips too. Most of my charging is done at home, but there are new chargers coming online every day for those long road trips. If you crunch the numbers, driving an EV makes a lot of sense (or should I say dollars and cents…). According to the Idaho National Laboratory, most EVs cost between 2-4¢ per mile to drive, whereas a comparable gasoline car will cost between 11-15¢ per mile to drive.

Another benefit is that they are a lot of fun to drive. The instant torque cannot be understated and the quietness of an EV has the federal government figuring out how to make them produce more noise so people “hear” them coming. Electric vehicles are also setting the bar higher for new safety standards. One final benefit I should mention is the reduced maintenance costs. I could go on and on, so if you would like to find out more information and see if an EV is the right fit for you, give the Co-op or myself a call. You can learn more at www.pluginconnect.com.

Miles Kuschel
TWEC Board President