Is the outage your equipment or the cooperative’s?


Members who call the cooperative for an outage caused by the members’ own equipment may be charged a fee for the service call. Therefore, take a few minutes to first determine if the problem is with your own electrical equipment or Todd-Wadena’s.

This diagram may help determine who owns the line.

YOUR SIDE: Before calling in to report an outage, you may want to check to see if your breakers need resetting or if you have a bad fuse.

How do you reset your breakers or check fuses? We’re glad you asked! Jason Ohrmundt (‘Norman’), a Todd-Wadena lineman shows you how in these 30-second videos. 
If your neighbors have power and you believe that the problem is on your side of the meter, contact a licensed electrician for assistance. If you call an electrician for service and the problem turns out to be a problem on the cooperative’s side of the meter, Todd-Wadena will pay the electrician’s charges.

OUR SIDE: If your breaker and fuses appear to be okay and if your neighbors are also out of power, contact the cooperative, day or night, to report the outage. A crew will be dispatched immediately to restore power. You may call our general telephone numbers to report an outage: 218-631-3120 or 800-321-8932.

Safety first! If there is a widespread outage and lines are downed, stay away! Call the cooperative office and report any damage you see. If possible, keep others away from any downed lines. Assume any downed line is live.