Highlights from the December 22, 2015, regular board meeting

–– Robin Doege reported that the December 3rd high voltage safety seminar hosted by the operations department was well attended.

In 2016, TWEC plans to increase safety presentations with youth and adults. Doege also had the recent opportunity to participate in a leadership panel for Great River Energy leadership training for cooperative employees.

–– Lisa Graba-Meech reviewed the financial report. November kWh sales were down 11% with year-to-date sales 3% under budget. November power costs were $96,000 under budget with a $15,000 GRE PCA charge. TIER is 2.38 and Equity 43.86.

–– The 2016 budget was reviewed. An amended motion was passed to approve the 2016 capital and operational budget with the PCA rate to stay at the 2015 level. The board also reviewed the memberships and dues.

–– A motion passed to approve the Audit Agreement and Operation Round-Up Agreed-Upon Procedures Agreement.

–– Tim Pavek reviewed the load management report. There was discussion on member participation saturation along with the cost of comparable fuels. A list of proposed members for the nominating committee was approved with the addition of two members.

–– The Neutral Isolation Device Policy and the new Stray Voltage Policy that reflects the Minnesota Stray Voltage Guide were reviewed.

––Mike Thorson reported that Great River Energy is preparing for a stakeholder discussion group with participants from across the state. A TWEC member was asked to participate. Thorson attended NRECA’s leadership training and said it was a good experience. He feels TWEC is doing well and would like to schedule a strategic planning session in spring of 2016.

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