Commercial Accounts

As a commercial account, your electricity rate is determined by how much electricity you use AND by how much peak demand (capacity) you require. Most electrical equipment can be controlled to avoid operation when overall electric use peaks – and that saves energy and money.

When you participate in a load management program, you may click on the Load Control Schedule tab to find the likelihood of control for today and tomorrow. Control is likely on days that are very hot or cold, cost of power on the open market is high and/or the availability of power resources is diminished.

Todd-Wadena offers you several EneryWise options. To determine which program will save you the most, contact the Member Service department.


Whether you are a small business owner or a commercial or industrial account, Todd-Wadena will work with you to provide a professional energy audit. An energy audit can be the first step that leads to savings that you will reap year after year! For details, call or email Todd-Wadena and ask to speak with the Member Service Manager.

Energy conservation pays! When we work together to conserve energy, everyone wins.


If your business is in need of upgrading its lighting, motors or heating/cooling system, call the cooperative. You may qualify for an Energy Conservation Grant. The grant helps offset your costs to install or upgrade the equipment, and the operation of your energy efficient equipment will save money on your electric bill, year after year. Call the Member Services department for information. 631-3120 or 800-321-8932.

Energy conservation grant funds are limited, so call now!