Business Spotlight: Omega Hardwoods

With more than 85 different sizes of pallets manufactured at its plant in Menahga, Omega Hardwoods is one of the top pallet suppliers in the upper Midwest. The company produces both light-duty and heavy-duty pallets in standard sizes, along with custom orders. This flexibility allows them to serve a large variety of industries – from printing to pet food, from aerospace to agriculture.

“One of the key things about Omega Hardwoods is that we are a KDHT [kiln dried heat treated] certified company,” says owner Lori Tomperi. “This allows our pallets to be shipped internationally.” KDHT certification means they can supply industries requiring high sanitation levels and those that ship products across international borders.

In addition to offering a large variety of pallets, Omega Hardwoods also has pallet stock and components for sale. As with the assembled pallets, the components are available in heat-treated pine, hardwoods like oak and birch, and lighter weight aspen. The company’s own trucks deliver pallets within Minnesota, with shipping partners making deliveries to locations across the Midwest.

Family-oriented Business

Omega Hardwoods currently employs 18 people and has established itself as a reliable company with over 25 years in business. “We’re really big into being a family-oriented business,” Tomperi notes. She and her husband Durwin are owners/operators, their daughter Paige Olson works as the office administrator, and son-in-law Cole Olson is the operations manager. Several other family members have also worked at the business.

“We’ve also hired a variety of families over the years,” Tomperi continues. “We’ve had husbands and wives, fathers and sons, and brothers all working here together.”

TWEC Helps Promote Efficiency

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative is committed to helping local businesses succeed. The cooperative recently worked with Omega Hardwoods to determine the best rate when considering their electric usage.

“We enrolled them in our interruptible rate, which is a great rate with the ability for Todd-Wadena to control when needed,” explains Allison Uselman, member services manager at TWEC. “However, they had some equipment that could not be shut down during a control event. So, we worked with Omega Hardwoods to keep them on the interruptible rate; however, instead of full interruptible they went with a partial interruptible giving them the ability to keep certain equipment running.”

“Todd-Wadena has also helped us find ways to be more efficient with our electrical use,” Tomperi adds. “They explained the benefits of switching to LED lights and assisted us in getting rebates to help with the cost of the switch. The new lights are way more efficient and don’t put out as much heat.”

A large variety of pallet products, a dedicated workforce, and a focus on energy efficiency make Omega Hardwoods a successful local business. Their commitment to personalized service, consistent quality, and efficient delivery is recognized throughout the region.