AMI Meter Replacement Project Complete

What happens when you combine an organized work plan with a recent retiree with

Al Lorentz takes out an old 'Turtle' Meter

Al Lorentz takes out an old ‘Turtle’ Meter

a great work ethic and a lot of time on his hands? An AMI meter replacement program budgeted for a 2-year work plan gets done early…that’s what happens.
From the time the project was penned into the budget, to the many hours of planning and preparation, to the installations by retired lineman Al Lorentz, as well as electrician’s David Puttonen and Greg Jacobson, the AMI project went about as smoothly, and much quicker, than anyone could have imagined. Thanks to the dedication and coordination of the entire Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative staff, 11,500 new AMI meters have been installed since last November. The final residential meters went in the week of July 18.

Al Lorentz documents the numbers from the old and new meters.

Al Lorentz documents the numbers from the old and new meters.

The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will help TWEC maximize efficiencies and minimize errors, allowing us to continue providing our members with the best possible service.
AMI allows 2-way communication between the central station, meters, and control devices on our distribution system. Data can be collected in various time increments, including ‘near’ real-time. AMI tools are integrated into our utility’s overall software system, aiding member service representatives in nearly every business transaction and member interaction.
The project began in August of 2015 as components of the upgraded system were made at our 14 substations. Seventy-five new meters were changed out in late August for trial monitoring. Soon, full-scale replacement of all meters in the TWEC service area began, with a plan for the project to take until the end of 2016 to complete.

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