2015-16 Meter Installation


MeterTodd-Wadena Electric Cooperative is investing in upgraded automated meters to improve the reliability and efficiency of its electric distribution system. The cooperative plans to replace its 11,500 meters over a two-year period beginning September 2015.

The impact of the installation will be minimal. Members can expect to experience a momentary outage, or ‘blink’ when the meters are installed at their locations.

Members whose homes or businesses have sensitive electronic equipment that could be harmed by a momentary outage, should notify the cooperative office.

A Meter Change-Out Schedule will be added to this page soon, and will be updated to indicate where technicians will be working. 

The current ‘Turtle’ meters, now about 15 years old, have outlasted their expected lifetimes and are no longer supported by the manufacturer. The new ‘Aclara’ meters offer several added benefits, including more accurate and speedier reporting, improved power quality (fewer spikes, blinks and surges), more information about energy use and better detection of power theft. They will also offer a significant advantage to power restoration efforts in the event of a widespread outage.

Todd-Wadena selected Aclara meters for their reliable, proven performance. Unlike some automated metering systems that are radio frequency (RF) based, the Aclara system operates over power lines. For more information about the cooperative’s meter upgrade project, contact the office at 631-3120 or 800-321-8932.