Electricity: Always a good deal for members

There are a lot of things we take for granted. We assume there will be food at the grocery store. We assume there will be gas at the gas station. We assume the lights will turn on when we flip the switch.
Sure, electricity is convenient, but is it a good value? Any way you look at it, the answer is yes.electricity remains good value
Over the past five years, national electric rates have increased an average of 1.5 percent annually. That’s lower than education (3.7 percent), rent (3.0 percent) and bread (2.5 percent).
Not only are increases slow, they’re also steady. Because of the multitude of technologies and fuels used to create electricity, it resists wild price fluctuations common with other energy sources.
“Think of it like an investment portfolio,” said Laureen Ross McCalib, Resource Planning Manager for Great River Energy, Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative’s wholesale electricity provider. “By keeping diversified resources that produce power using coal, natural gas, wind – and even household trash – we are able to have a long-term, reliable source of power for our members, at lower risk.”

UPDATED Average Residential Rates Map

UPDATED Average Residential Rates Map

Electricity rate increases don’t need to result in higher bills. The simplest ways to counteract rising prices is by simply using less energy, or being smarter about the way you use it.
Minnesota ranks 27th in the US in average cents per kilowatt-hour at 12.0¢ per kWh. TWEC has an average of 11.8¢ per kWh, and the national average is 12.5¢.
“We have had members reduce their bills by replacing old appliances, converting to off-peak water and space heating programs or installing air-source heat pumps,” said Member Services Manager, Tim Pavek. “Many members have seen their bills level off, or even decline over time.”

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